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Sleek Essentials 3DVD Set

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Karen Voight workouts on DVD video. The entire library on mail order.

Sleek Essentials 3DVD Set


Sleek Essentials 3DVD Set


Detailed Description

This 3-DVD workout set is designed to give you the TRIPLE EFFECT - cardio, strength and flexibility training. Streamline your body & improve the appearance of cellulite. Lose weight and inches. Burn calories and fat. Gain muscle. Improve flexibility and strength Features all new footage, not on any of Karen's other workouts! 3 DVD SET INCLUDES: The Sweat Effect 50 min. workout focuses on mixed-impact high energy moves for maximum calorie burn to get lean and defined. The Strength Effect 50 min. workout builds strong, sculpted muscles using 3-5 lb. dumbbells. The Sleek Effect 50 min. workout integrates Pilates and yoga moves to improve core stability, balance, overall strength and flexibility.


This workout shows you how to make a total body turn around by working slower and smarter – not harder **some exercises use the fitness roller to assure correct body position, improve balance and boost intensity.

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