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Stretch and Core Conditioning DVD

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Karen Voight workouts on DVD video. The entire library on mail order.

Stretch and Core Conditioning DVD


Stretch and Core Conditioning DVD


Detailed Description

Stretch and Core Conditioning gets you in peak condition with toned and flexible muscles. Karen conditions your abs, back and buttocks, then stretches your lower body and upper body with easy to follow instructions for impressive results. All you need is two yoga blocks and a yoga mat.


This 45 min routine re-sculpts and balances your physique in four targeted segments: *Move your spine through a series of forward and back bending exercises along with twists to increase suppleness and power in your core muscles. *Learn lower body stretches to elongate and relieve tightness in your legs. Take a break from repetitive weight bearing exercises with moves that feel good to your body *Transform tense and achy neck, chest, shoulders and arms muscles from hours of hunching over a computer, phone, or steering wheel or after heavy weight training *Reduce tension in the large and small muscles of your hips and buttocks for renewed energy and increased mobility. You'll learn modifications to improve your alignment, intensify poses and increase your benefits by working with your body at your own pace. Throughout the workout enjoy blissful, deep relaxation all set to soft background music in the beautiful outdoor setting of Montana.

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